“Blessed with a songbird’s voice, a poet’s heart, an educator’s enthusiasm and an entertainer’s vision, Moraes is the complete package.” ENTERTAINMENT TODAY

“Moraes strutted on stage with the grace and attitude of an Amazon princess...Moraes danced, sang and communicated with her fans for over an hour, delivering an impressive performance.” LATIN STYLE

“Katia Moraes is a sweet-voiced pixie who radiates a sunny energy, with traces of Brazilian great Elis Regina in Moraes’s singing.” THE VALLEY BEAT

“Brazilian singer Katia Moraes -- a born afternoon sunshine performer...” VARIETY

“Katia is an absolute dynamo on stage.”              L.A. JAZZ SCENE

“Kátia’s voice can be powerful and heartfelt, coy and compelling, expansive or intimate.”

“Moraes, always an irrepressibly effervescent performer...”   LOS ANGELES TIMES "

Leapfrogging from straight pagode to funked-out samba to rock, Kátia’s hearty vocal cords dominate...” THE BEAT

"(...) But there ain’t a Brazilian singer in town who is as irresistible as Katia Moraes. Crowds go nuts when she performs. The energy, the charisma, the sheer joy of Brazilian music just fills a space."