"... And Moraes' singing, as always, was a virtual definition of the passion that is an implicit part of Brazilian music." ~ Don Heckman - Los Angeles Times

The unique Brazilian singer/songwriter/graphic artist/producer Kátia Moraes began her career in Rio de Janeiro in the 80's with her energetic band "O Espirito da Coisa" . Since then she has performed and/or recorded with top Brazilian acts like Sergio Mendes, Airto Moreira, Oscar Castro-Neves, Rita Lee, Elba Ramalho, Sandy and Junior, Banda Cheiro de Amor, and also with George Duke, Latin Grammy nominee Alex Acuña and Justo Almario's Tolú, Grammy nominee "Latin Project", and German saxophonist Praful.
After moving to Los Angeles in 1990, she started lending her voice to films and television for dubbing. She has performed with Pure Samba, 22-piece Orchestra Feijoada Completa, Samba Society, Bloco Nove, Falso Baiano, The Rio Thing, Midnight Drums, Sol & Mar, Viver Brasil Dance Company, Folk Ballet of Brasil, Badauê, Man and Machine, and many more.

In 1996, she released her first CD "Ten Feet and the Sun" in the U.S. with Brasil Nuts band. In 1999 she released "Ginga" with Sambaguru, and in 2003 "Live" by Kufala Records. Her 4th CD with Sambaguru is called "Navegar ao Sol" by Moondo Records. In 2009 Sambaguru released "Tribo" that was on the Preliminary Nominating Ballot for the Grammy 2009.

In 1998, Kátia started putting out a monthly newsletter, Brazilian Heart, to challenge her as a writer and "communicator". Brazilian Heart explores issues of culture, art and music following her personal whims and passions. She also wrote for Soul Brasil magazine and Brazil Today newspaper. 

In January 2013 Kátia released her EP produced by sound engineer/producer Lynne Earls (K.D.Lang, Airto Moreira, Flora Purim). She is currently singing with Brazilian Hearts, Samba Society, and Viver Brasil Dance Company. Pure Samba won the L.A. Treasure Award, granted in part, by the California Traditional Music Society, a facility of the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Dept. and The California Traditional Music Society.

Kátia Moraes has also created the “Brazilian Heart, a Celebration” Series to pay homage to influential Brazilian artists: Elis Regina (2012), Clara Nunes (2013) and Maria Bethânia (2014), Noel Rosa (2015). Here’s a Tribute to Maria Bethania as part of the Brazilian Heart Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f4ultzvS8Q 

Brazilian Heart, a Celebration - YouTube Page: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIhy7spMqcFKXuwMQpK4tbXIRt4MBiFf0 
On July 30, 2016 Kátia will perform @ the 21st Central Avenue Jazz Fesyival (Los Angeles) with Brazilian Hearts band (João Pedro Mourão on guitar, Felipe Fraga on percussion, Isaías Elpes on bass, and Uziel Colon on keys)  
Kátia Moraes had her voice featured on the musical score of the 2011 full length movie "Everyday", "The Last Word", "Arrested Development", and the Cult Japanese animation "Cowboy Bebop". Kátia Moraes & Sambaguru is featured on the musical score for the film "Woman on Top", a Fox Searchlight Picture released in September 2000. 
Kátia Moraes has performed at the Sydney Festival, Playboy Jazz Festival, Hollywood Bowl, House of Blues, Ford Amphitheater, Getty Center, California Plaza, Playboy Jazz Summer Fest, Verizon Music Festival, Cerritos Center, Schoenberg Hall, UCLA, Jazz Bakery, Queen Mary, Hollywood Palladium, JVC Jazz Fest, Luna Park, Sweet Pea Festival in Montana, The World Famous Baked Potato, Santa Monica Festival, The French Quarter Festival in New Orleans, Riverside Jazz Festival, African Market Place, Grass Valley World Music Festival, IAJE - Jazz Educators Convention, among other events and venues in Brazil,  the U.S. and abroad.

2013 - World Music Artist of the Year 2013 by The Beverly Hills Outlook.
2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008- Nominated for "Cantora de Destaque" & “Cantora de Atuação Local” by International Brazilian Press Award. 
2007 - Kátia Moraes and Bill Brendle won “3rd place in the World Music category at the International Songwriting Competition” with their composition "Tribo Gandhista." 
2006 - With Pure Samba won the “L.A. Treasure Award, granted in part, by the California Traditional Music Society, a facility of the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, and The California Traditional Music Society.”
2005 - Nominated in the Best Latin Artist category by the New Times Newspaper Music Awards.
2003-2004 - Won the Showcase Awards Vocal Music by Arts Council Los Angeles Valley College
2002-2003 - Sambaguru featuring Kátia Moraes was selected to be on The California Arts Council Touring Roster.
2001 and 2002 - Nominated - Sambaguru in the best World Music category for the New Times Newspaper Music Awards.”
1998 - Katia Moraes and Bill Brendle had their “song ‘Não Vá’ chosen as a finalist in the World Music category of the John Lennon's Songwriting Contest.”

"Remarkable throughout was the robust singing of Katia Moraes, providing a narrative that rose above even the thundering drums of five tireless drummers. Ms. Moraes is a vocal powerhouse who seems ready to sing at full throttle all night long." 
Glen Creason, review of the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts show.
“What a great way to start our season. Katia engaged our audiences like few other performers have. A truly passionate professional performer, Katia was a joy to work with and the audience showed their appreciation with a standing ovation...both nights!”
Christian Wolf, Executive Director for Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation
“Blessed with a songbird’s voice, a poet’s heart, an educator’s enthusiasm and an entertainer’s vision, Moraes is the complete package.”
“Moraes strutted on stage with the grace and attitude of an Amazon princess...Moraes danced, sang and communicated with her fans for over an hour, delivering an impressive performance.”
“Katia Moraes is a sweet-voiced pixie who radiates a sunny energy, with traces of Brazilian great Elis Regina in Moraes’s singing.”
“Brazilian singer Katia Moraes -- a born afternoon sunshine performer...”
“Katia is an absolute dynamo on stage.”
“Kátia’s voice can be powerful and heartfelt, coy and compelling, expansive or intimate.”
“Moraes, always an irrepressibly effervescent performer...”
"Leapfrogging from straight pagode to funked-out samba to rock, Kátia’s hearty vocal cords dominate...”
"(...) But there ain’t a Brazilian singer in town who is as irresistible as Katia Moraes. Crowds go nuts when she performs. The energy, the charisma, the sheer joy of Brazilian music just fills a space."

Katia Photo by Warren
Photo by Warren