It has been an incredible journey since I moved to Los Angeles from Rio de Janeiro. I'm grateful and honored to have composed, recorded, and performed with generous and talented people with whom I've learned so much.


In reality, though, musicians are not the only artists who have enriched my life.


At the end of 2012, I started a nightly practice of drawing. Those drawings brought me to meet a special woman named Nancy Young from a non-profit called Art Trek, Inc.  Nan became my mentor, and she introduced me to one of the most fun ways to draw: blind contour. Blind contour drawing is a drawing exercise where an artist draws the contour of a subject without looking at the paper. In May 2017, during a trip to southern Florida, and after I had recorded two new songs in LA, I colored and decorated 15 blind contour drawings of my musician friends and decided to make a collection. The emotional abstract drawings made me see myself in my peers. With that in mind, I decided to combine the release of the new songs: “Mistureba” and “Arranhado,” with a drawing exhibition called, “Portraits of Peers – Me in Them.”



Mistureba is Brazilian slang and means “hodgepodge.” In this song I say I'm a mix of all human beings who came before me and the people who crossed my life so far. They all speak inside of me, from ancestors to teachers, friends, and even not so friendly human beings. 


"Who told me to quiet down? To get married, to wash and iron?

Who told me money would only bring me loneliness? 

Who told me to fight? Who told me to pray?

Who told me to go out there and make this world a better place so it would reflect back into my life? They all speak inside of me.



 I want to dedicate Mistureba to my family, friends, peers, and to whomever takes the time to be mindful and heartfelt – the basic steps to courageously change the inner world and, consequently, the outer world.


 I'd be very happy if you would join me on Sunday, September 24 at 8:30pm @ Blue Whale in downtown Los Angeles for a live show + drawing exhibition!

It'll feature João Pedro Mourão on guitar, Isaías Elpes on bass, Uziel Colón on keys, and Felipe Fraga on drums.

Special guests: Ted Falcon on mandolin, Nando Duarte on 7-string guitar, Clarice Cast on percussion, and actress Mariana Leite. 

Yes, I love surprises.

And I promise one for you.

Let's hug and kiss.  Live. ;-)


P.S.: The Mistureba video will be released on August 24. Stay tuned!


Blue Whale - Weller Court Plaza 3rd floor

123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St. Suite.301

Los Angeles, CA 90012  

(213) 620-0908


Me in Me